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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town of Milwaukee the 12th of June 1859 [Translation],   pp. 1-6 PDF (2.6 MB)

Page 3

Letter   7, page 3, translation
within the space of five hours in good health and dead, and his wife lay
from sunday noon until Monday 1
evening,  now I and another girl of my age had watched all night over this
woman   2
a thing indeed I wish had not happened,  but many were so frightened that
they    3
ran away,  it is usually the case that people think of themselves most, 
then this girl   4
also died two days later, which shocked me deeply, *people have*  now the
custome here   5
that women also go to the grave, and americans have the custom of      6
bringing the corpse into the church to a place in fron of the pulpit (if
it si not a contagious  7
disease),  now there the casket is opened and every one that wishes to view
the remains   8
can do so,  then the minister preaches a funeral sermon and addresses the
relatives,  this  9
done burial follows,  also when our brother died       10
some americans came to see him, now I was at the grave too of this girl,
and     11
was in great distress, but could not weep,  on arriving home this became
still worse,    12
then I suddenly gave way to crying and some thought that I too was getting
the cholera,   13
but a man who understood it said that it was my nerves,  and since that time
whenever   14
but the least thing happened, this would recur again and again,  last summer
I was having a time or two 15
at Janet's,  I had not been there in more than two years, and she lives 
within shouting distance from us,  at present I am still      17
weak, and have to spend a part pf the day in bed, but can nevertheless  
get about better than previously,  I am discouraged of course at times, but
at other times  19
I keep surrendering everything to the Lord, and say 'may it then only be
to his Honor, and  20
for binding me closer to his service'  Janet as I told you earlier was married
the 8th of May 1855, 21
with a young man from the land of kazand,  his name is Jacob De Swarte, 
they have two children, but the first a girl died, being seven months   
old,  now they have a dear lttle boy twenty months old, who makes a lot of
his grandfather,  24
and is also named after him,  they have a fair livelihood,  they bought four
acres of land from father, and then he works some too for others,  they also
have a    26
cow,  Janet too is not strong, and not free entirely from my trouble either,
 her husband and a child 27
are both well,  Isaac and James both live in Michigan,  they have been there
three years already,  they work there in sawmills, and earn about twelve
to twenty dollars a month, beside board,  James was home only four weeks
ago,    30
we see him about every year,  Isaac was home last fall,  we had      31
not seen him for two years,  Issac was married too the first of March this
year, with a girl from 32
northholland,  her name is Trijntje Wagenaar,  Isaac thinks he will yet be
a farmer sometime  33
in town holland,  they together bought that forty acres of land from father
and then he wants  34
to take over James' share,  for they worked quite hard there, and too it
is quite   35

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