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Brandt, Gerard / Letters, 1850-1860 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee Small Collection 47 Box 1 ([unpublished])

Town Holland Jan 8 1851 [Translation],   pp. 1-4 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 2

Letter 2, page 2, translation
perhaps the last lines on the previous page will arouse you attention be
cause I write 'when I pray in public'  for surely the report must be current
among you 2
that there is a minister in our midst  and that is true  that is one by name
Peter Zonne  although he does not radiate the meaning [sun] of his family
name  4
but is on the contrary an example of unfruitful works  more I shall   5
now not mention at this point  but in 1849 in the month of July D Budding
was among us and a congregation was then organized and I was then   7
elected elder along with two others from gelderland  however these   8
dropped out and in their place two Zeelanders were chosen originally   9
from kazant  likewise from that same island two deacons and one from   10
groningen  we live far apart one week I have to go 3 miles    11
east from my house and the next week 3 miles south     12
the place where we meet are the school buildings  likewise    13
also for the catechising of the learners with which I have been charged 
that I do Saturday afternoons  the Lord grants me I may testify    15
grace to do this work with joy  the attendance at divine services   16
is quite encouraging  the congregation has about sixty members  in this I
have  17
you a short account of our public worship  I hope you will understand it
I have heard that there is a rumor currently among you     19
that I am heir to the estate of Nephew G Kopmels  of this I shall   20
tell you something from which you can conclude who Rev. Zonne    21
is  on the 23rd of May 1849 Kepmels came into the region with J kastel  
and O bliek nephew's maid and A van boven and J kleinepiet and wife   23
On the 29th ditto nephew bought 80 acres of forest land from Zonne  of which
8  24
acres were chopped off and cleared and [on which] a house stood for   25
a sum of S 1700 guilders  nephew paid this  and on this all     26
persons named above went to live in said house and in June    27
nephew became ill  which day I do not know for I was living three miles away
on the 23rd of June he died  although I had no tidings of his death   29
Now I must have you notice that during the time of nephew's illness Zonne
had gone on a trip of 200 miles or 67 hours and      31
arrived home about two hours after nephew's death  al this I     32
learned later on  now there were people in my      33
neighborhood whom I had told that nephew still had a son in holland   34
these people knew more about the law than I did and urged me    35
to make work of this  then on the 27th ditto I went to the    36
justice of the peace with some one who knew English  there I had to make
declaration that it was true about there being a son  and then I got from
said justice of the peace authority to       39
administer  then with this instrument and the mayor [burgemeester]    40
*Side text*
Brothers and Sisters   I have written this seperately because of mention
of things which do not concern other people and every body is curious

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