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Wisconsin boys' and girls' clubs leaders hand book

Suggestions to leaders,   pp. 8-11 PDF (739.2 KB)

Page 9

6. Be responsible for the calling of club meetings and for
    the carrying out of the club program as planned by
    county and State leaders.
7. Be responsible for the holding of a club festival or an
    achievement day program or both.
8. Cooperate with the county and State leaders in an
    effort to. develop prize winning demonstration team
    to represent the club in local, or State programs
    where demonstrations are called for.
9. Cooperate with the county leaders in the matter of
    securing money for prizes, medals, or awards of dif-
    ferent kinds for all honor prize winning members.
10. Cooperate with the county leader in securing from
    each niember a final report and story of achievement
    for the State Leader, National Leader, or the public
11. Visit projects.
     (1) When leaders visit club mcmbers, it will be well
        to send notice of visit in advance, meet the club
        member not in the parlor, but upon plot, com-
        mend the member for worth-while work on plot,
        and incidentally instruct for results.
     (2) Keep an account of each member, with the name
         of project, date of each visit, progress, advice
         given, troubles, etc. A card catalogue simplifies
     (3) Take photographs of anything interesting or
     (4) Encourage each member to put a sign on his or
         her project plot, telling the name of club, and
12. Place all responsibility possible on the club members
         and expect them to succeed.
13. Do not. forget the social side of the club meeting.
     Games, contests, songs, setting-up exercises, etc.,
     should be given at least 30 minutes at each meeting.

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