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Beloit in 1911 : published by the Beloit Daily News

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Beloit turns  out paper-makng
machines weighing 500 tons, requir-
ing twenty cars to transport.
Beloit makes two millions pairs
of hosiery   every  year and   the
world's  best  shoes  for  women,
equips the world's automobiles with
the best speeddometer and manufac-
tures scales, plows, machine knives,
disc grinders and small tools.
Beloit pays nearly $3,000,000 in
wages annually, employs 4,000 men
and its manufactured products ap-
troximate $10,000,000 every yea:.
Beloit pays the highest wages per
capita of any ci.y in the state and
workingmen own their homes.
Beloit   has   eight  handsome
schools, ineuding a high school cost-
:ng $130,000.
Beloit has two Carnegie libraries
and two hospitals.
Beloit has two railroads, furniso-
ing twenty-two incom ng daily mails,
I  City Government
Beloit was tncorporated as a city
in 1856 and is governed by a mayor
and  fifteen  aldermen.  The  city
boasts of a splendidly equipped fire
department and a well-disciplined
police department under the control
of a fire and polfce commission. Be-
loit has two fine parks, a handsome
public library and one of the best
equipped high schools in the state.
The total value of school property
exceeds a half million dollars.  The
city has twenty-five miles of sewers,
affording excellent sanitation.  The
water supply is from artesian wells
furnishing pure, cold water, and ty-
phoid is practically unknown.  The
dty's assessed valuation for 1910
was $9,220.000-the real valuatioui
approximating $12,000,000. The ex-
pense of city maintenance is $58,000
annually and the bonded indebted.-
ness is $45,000.  The ciy has 162
-> .1
Junction, Ill., to Janesville, Madison
and the north and northwest. The
Madison division of the Chicago &
Northwestern  runs  from  Chicago
through  to the northwest.  These
two roads furnish twenty-nine daily
passenger trains  and  an  excellent
freight service. Both roads have re-
cently constructed depots unusually
artistic and commodious. A system
of joint switch tracks is operated
which forms. a network about the
city leading into every manufactur-
ing establishment, permitting ship-
ment   over  either  road  without
switching charge. Fine manufactur-
lng sites have been set aside along
the joint system.
Beloit, as becomes every city, has
its quota of lovers of music- art and
an interurban line connecting Rock
river towns and  a finely-equippe0,
paying street-car system.
Beloit has four banks with total
deposits of nearly $4,000,000.
streets and twelve miles of brIck
One of the noticeable features of
the rapid growth of Beloit, in the
past five years, is the marked inter-
est taken in the matter of improved
streets and alleys. Along these lines
thousands of dollars have been ex-
pended and Beloit can boast of be-
ing a well   paved  city.  There is
doubtless no other feature of a city
that appeals more strongly to the
outside observer, than the appear-
ance of its streets, and  it is the
first thing that attracts their eye.
Fine business buildings  and  resi-
dences count for little if the streets
have a neglected  appearance,  and
Beloit has kept pace with her other
c'evelopments in the care of this de-
partment.  Beloit has 162 streets,
twelve miles of which   are  paved
with the most approved materials
Accessibility to Markets
Beloit has, besides its interurban
electric line-which carries express
-two steam railroads, the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul and the Chi-
'<ago & Northwestern.  The former
has two lines passing through Be-
10it, one the Racine & Southwestern,
running from Milwaukee to Rock
Island, and the other from Davis
the drama, and a full share of each
is accorded them.   The best that
the country affords comes this way
and finds this city a generous sup-
porter of everything of a worthy na-
ture along these lines. Road corn-
panies of much merit find it to their
advantage to place Beloit in their
itinerary. Few cities can boast of a
more    commodious   or   properly
equipped opera house.  Many noted
artists have graced Beloit audiences
and find a ready responses to their
efforts to please.
Public Schools of Beloit
Beloit is a city of excellent schools
and their growth and character have
more than kept pace with the rapid
increase of the city's population.
In ten years the population of Be-
loit jumped from 10,000 to 15,000
and  the   assessed  valuation  to
more than $9,000,000, with the
result that   there  has  been  a
constant demand for more school
room. Local citizens, trained to be-
lieve in education, have always been
ready to meet school taxes without
a murmur. And so, during the de-
cade just closed,  three  handsome
grade schools were  erected, addi-
tions built to two others, four addi-
tional kindergarten cottages con-
structed and a new high school built
at a total cost of $250,000.  Ten

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