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Holand, Hjalmar Rued, 1872-1963 / Wisconsin's Belgian community : an account of the early events in the Belgian settlement in northeastern Wisconsin with particular reference to the Belgians in Door County

Chapter III: How the Belgians obtained their lands,   pp. [35]-45 PDF (3.7 MB)

Page 45

                 HOW THE BELGIANS OBTAINED THEIR LANDS               45
                                                         Date of Date When
      See. Subdivision       Acres    Name               Claimn  Paid
      32 WNE%                 80 Jean P. Gauthier       12-5-'56 3-1-'58
      32 SENW%4               40 Francois Sacotte       5-6-'68 11-3-'76
      32 NSEf and SEX
           SE%               120 Ebin A. Veazie        6-18-'57 2-10-'60
      32 SW'4 SE 4            40 John B. Counard       3-14-'79 2-20-'83
                            Town 27, Range 23
;*    36 SEIANE1A             40 Noel J. Delfosse       2-11-'80 3-21-'81
      36 SWlNE14              40 Noel J. Delfosse      12-20-'70 2-7-'73
               Preemption lands (that is, lands bought by settlers be-
           fore the Homestead Law of 1862 came into effect) were
           supposed to be sold for $1.25 per acre. However, the same
           careless surveyors who had marked so much good land
           swamp land", marked nearly all the remainder as being of
           very inferior quality. Because of this error most of the
           early Belgians were required to pay only fifty or seventy-
           fives cents per acre. After making their entry they had
           two years in which to pay for the land. The first to pay
           for their lands were Jean B. Noel, Louis Marchant, Guil-
           laume Servotte, Jean J. Laluzerne, Francis Delvaux, all of
           the town of Union; Charles J. Gilson, Jean J. Pitaus,
           Jean J. Englebert, Louis B. Coisman, Leopold Lefebvre,
           Jean J. Waginnan and Cornelius Massart, all of the town of
Druasens . ana August mantin o0 Uardner. These thirteen
men went to the land office in Menasha in one company
February 22, 1858 and obtained their government deeds.
    After this we see other groups after much consultation
making the same long trip. The largest group contained
thirty-two men who on May 2, 1859 marched off to Menasha.
See list above for their names. Much lunch and many beers
were necessary to sustain them on this journey that took
almost a week, but it was no doubt a great event long

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