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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Hulce, R. S.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 20: feeding the dairy calf PDF (2.0 MB)

.r..v   im  With Other AgeideS.
   The Banker-Farmer Exchange is doing everything it can to co-operate
with the State, County and local breed associations, County Agents, cow test-
ing associations and others for extending the market for livestock. In a
number of instances we have been able to arrange for local field men through
the cow testers, breed secretaries, and county agents, for the handling of
buyers desiring to purchase car load lots.
    The local banks make no charges for their services. To help support the
central office and pay for stenography, postage, advertising, etc., the seller
asked to pay the Banker-Farmer Exchange a five percent commission on sales
made to parties referred to him by the Exchange. In case of carload lot ship-
ments, which call for the services of a local field man to drive from farm
farm, the buyer is asked to pay the commission instead of the seller.
Selling Listed Stock Through Other Chanmels
    Listing stock for sale through the Banker-Farmer Exchange does not ii
 any way interfere with selling them through other channels, and when thu
 sold there is no commission or other obligation except to notify the Exchang
 that the stock has been sold.      I
 Opportunities For Sale Through the Exchange.
     During the past year the Banker-Farmer Exchange has received 692 in-
 quiries for 9690 head of cattle. Of these, 1470 head are from within the
 and 8220 head are from other States. We have effected 60 individual exchange9
 within the State and have sold 3S' carloads of grade and purebred Hoisteins
 Guernseys outside of the State. These have gone as far north as Canada,
 to Maryland, south to Georgia and west to the State of Washington. As the
 Exchange becomes better known these figures will naturally increase and
 Exchange is rapidly developing for the farmers of Wisconsin a substantial
 market for their surplus stock that is not only State-wide, but Nation
 wide in its scope. The farmer can start the machinery of the ExchangJ
 working for him by simply listing what he has for sale at his local bank
 writing directly to the BANKER-FARMER EXCHANGE, MADISON, WIS
      "I heartily endorse this Banker-Farmer Exchange. It brings the
  and the banker into closer relationship and mutual understanding, and bring,
  the buyer and the seller together regardless of distance." U. 0. Kaempf
  Shawano County.
      "The Banker-Farmer Exchange offers the best service in selling
      It brings the buyer and seller together. Rates are very reasonable.
I at
   much pleased with your method of doing business. All farmers should ge
   busy and boost, as it is a very valuable move for our State, because it
   the farmer who does not have the ready cash to buy better sires for his
   John P. Laux, Outagamie County.

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