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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Hulce, R. S.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 20: feeding the dairy calf PDF (2.0 MB)

     "I believe if the farmers of the State will make use of the Exchange
 will prove one of the cheapest and most satisfactory ways of locating good
 stock and seeds that have been offered. Judging from the letters that I
 received from the patrons to whom I have shipped hogs sold through the
 Banker-Farmer Exchange, they must be as pleased with the results as I am."
 V. C. Tiedt, Juneau County.
     "I have had some dealings with the Exchange and am well pleased.
 not only helped me and my neighbors who have bought or sold through the
 Exchange, but has helped the Holstein breeders Association and the County
 more than one or two years of hard work on our part." W. C. Katel,
 nee County.
    "We would like to thank you for the service which the Banker-Farmer
 Exchange is rendering us. Your department is supplying a real need and we
 will be pleased to see it grow in popularity and usefulness, as it surely
F do." Ward Brothers, Jefferson County.
    "I wish to express my satisfaction with the service of the Banker-Farmer
Exchange. Last year I sold seed barley through the Exchange and recently
you sent me purchasers for my surplus stock. There is a factor in your work
that distinguishes it from the ordinary advertising. You seem to reach a
fine class of buyers. This is natural for they are men of business habits
are in touch with the banks. Such men know what they want and are satis-
fied when they get it." W. J. Dougan, Rock County.
    "Just a line to let you know how well pleased I am with the manner
which the buyers are being handled here. We have just gotten out the two
arloads of Guernseys for the Indiana and Michigan men you sent down and
they as all the others went away without a single complaint; on the opposite
they have very positive praise for the way they were handled.
   "I am extremely interested in building up a real staple market for
cattle and am willing to devote considerable time to it. I realize that the
buyers must get good cattle at market prices and not be held up for inferior
goods, as that would kill it. Mr. Bennett is being very careful to take them
to only reliable farmers and he is not easily fooled. I am so well pleased
the way this is going that I want to encourage you in the good work you are
OF THEM IN GOOD SHAPE.'" J. B. Ely, Pewaukee State Bank, Waukesha
   "Mr. Robert Spencer has sold cattle listed with you. We certainly
gay that Mr. Spencer has had remarkable results from listing his stock with
Vou" Bank of Evansville, Rock County, Wisconsin.

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