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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Hulce, R. S.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 20: feeding the dairy calf PDF (2.0 MB)

                          CO-OPERATIVE BREEDING
   The times demand team work in the breeding of livestock. It is hard for
a singi
individual to get very far in the breeding game, but when twenty, thirty,
or a huldre
men get together for a definite purpose there is no measuring of their power
influence. This co-operation stimulates breeders to produce animals of superior
Several small farmers can club together and purchase proven sires. Thes help
tise the entire community.
    Four daughters of Ugglea Mercedes which show an average of 82 pounds
Of better iUt,
                              or S5% over their dams.
   This idea of community breeding Is being successfully worked out in various
in a number of localities, notably Ashland, Bayfield, Marinette, Loyal, Appleton,
Lake, and Independence. At North Lake and Independence, arrangements have
made for the appointment of committees representing each breed interest of
the' com
munity. These committees pass upon the qualifications of every sires introduced
the community by the respective groups and as far as practicable make recommend&
tions relative to any purebred females introduced into the community. Prof.
Geo. C
Humphrey, of the Wisconsin College of Agriculture, and the Director of the
Farmer Exchange are members ex-officio of these committees and will give
any advice
or assistance possible in the selection and purchase of desirable breeding
                        THE BUYERS' OPPORTUNITY
    Present conditions are favorable to buyers. Many farmers and lreeders
are di
couraged at present low prices and- with the tight money market are ilow
to increas
their investments in better stock. Now is the time to buy grade and purebred
stock. Experienced farmers, bankers, and business men should stimulate their
duction and encourage the establishment of foundation herds, which will reap
benefit of the rise in prices which are sure to come in the near future.
                                   , *                             l~~~~~~~~~~~~

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