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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Fuller, J. G.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 19: market requirements for hogs PDF (1.1 MB)

paid for the animals in prime condition at a weight of 190 to 200
pounds. As yet there has not been an over-supply of hogs finished
at this light weight and the premium paid ranges from 25 to 50c
per cwt. over the price paid for hogs finished at 240 to 250 pounds.
It Would, therefore, seem that the Wisconsin farmer who usually has
dairy by-products available to feed in connection with a mixed grain
ration, would profit by producing choice hogs finished at the' lighter
market weights.
     The qualities of the attractive carcass are so well known that it
shows whether or not the animal from which it came was properly
grown. It is well understood that only the right rearing and feeding
produces the carcasses most pleasing to the packer. The ideal
butcher hog is a well-bred animal under one year of age that has been
properly fattened and finished for market at the weights given above.
There is an opinion among packers that corn produces the best
carcass, the whitest lard and the best colored lean. They also insist
that the carcass from hogs fed largely on corn is firmer and cures
                            Or FINISH
      Note the similarity- in the amount of lean meat and the inereasing
   of fat or lard with the increase of age, sad degree of minish a shown
   comparing carcass cuts from right to left. The present market pays a
   premium for lesn pork.
better than that produced by any other feed. Hogs fed too much
soft green feed yield carcasses unsatisfactory for packing purpose*.
Experiments have shown barley about equal to corn for fattening
swine and producing a carcass of about the same quality as corn.
Wisconsin farmers are -fortunate in having large quantities of dairy
by-products with which to supplement corn and barley for fattening
market hogs. Skimmilk is especially valuable at weaning time and
as a supplement to grain during the fattening period.
    The farmer will gain by producing and putting on, the market
as near as possible hogs attractive to the packer buyer. Uniform
lots oi hogs alike in site and color carrying a smooth firm finish will
not fWil to catch the eye of the buyer and realize near the top price

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