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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Fuller, J. G.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 19: market requirements for hogs PDF (1.1 MB)

                     By PROF. J. Q. FULLER
            College of Agriculture, Univerty of Wisconsin-
    It is exceedingly fortunate for farmers of the corn belt and dairy
states that there is great demand for the products of the market hog.
Of all farm animals the hog is the most economical meat producer
and the carcass is susceptible to various methods of cure and prepara-
tion for consumption. The market hog dresses about 70 per cent
carcass while the beef animal and the sheep yield about 60 and 50
per cent respectively. About 75%o of the products of the market hog
are put into cured meats easily preserved and handled, while the
greater portion of beef and mutton must be handled and consumed
as fresh meat.
    The ideal market hog is one weighing from 200 to 225 pounds
live weight and yields a carcass weighing from 150 to 180 pounds.
These carcasses yi#ld the most desirable pork loins, sides and hams
required by the Chicago, Milwaukee and other markets. The amount
of lard from the carcasses is not excessive and in the right propor-
hi             A well balanced PRODUCING THV MARKET TYPE
               A well balanced ration of forage, dairy by-products, corn
and other farm
             grains with sanitary feeding and housing quarters combine to
produce early
             maturing, high claso market hogs.
         tion to lean for ideal curing. The most desirable carcass it highly
         colored, the fat clean and white and the lean meat a bright red
                       THE PORK THE PEOPLE WANT
             About 90o of our pork products are consumed in the United
         States. The animal, therefore, that produces the cuts of meat best
         suited to supply the American trade-is the ideal market hog. A
         representative of a leading Chicago packing firm states, "During
         years of 1920 and 1921 considerable premium has been paid for light
         weight market hogs. The consumers in the main are demanding pork
         chops that are lean and a size that will cut four or five chops
to the
         pound. The trade asks for lighter weights of bacon well streaked
         with lean. Except for the boiled ham trade, there is a decided pre-
         terence for the lean type of ham weighing from 8 to 12 pounds."
         rather recent demand for lighter cuts has caused a prEmium to be
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