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The banker-farmer news bulletin

The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 17: what pure bred crops do for the farmer PDF (1.1 MB)

                        THE FARMER'
     Wisconsin has taken very rapid strides in the production 'o6 purebred
-field crops so that it is now ranked 'as the leading purebred seed state
in the
Union. ' Purebred seeds have been disseminated in every community by mem-
bers of the Wisconsin Experiment Association.
                          HIGHER YIELDS
     Every farmer who has grown pedigreed seeds realizes that he cannot
go back to scrub varieties. Experiments have shown that pedigree barley
averages four bushels per acre higher than common barley; pedigree winter
wheat, six bushels higher per acre than common wheat; pedigree rye ten
bushels higher per acre than common rye and pedigree oats ten bushels higher
Der acre than common oats.
                         BBTTER ADAPTED
     A. large number of different stzins; ofthe various field. et   have
been testi4 -t the Experiment Station. Only those strains which bi&ve.proved
especially adapted to Wisconsin conditions have been retauned  Thret strains
of oats have been developed to. meet *ith Wisconsin condtioqns  Whsconsin
Wonder -(Pedigree No. l) is- esialy adapted to heavyrsois. Swedish
Select (Pedigree No. 5). is adapted toe light sandy soils orp heavy soils
in fertility, and':the ICherson (Pe4igree No. 7) is adapted to low wet soils.
Corn, wheat, rye, barley and soy beans have also gone through Cal breed-
ing to adapt them to Wisconsin'conditions.
*    Pedigreed grais are bred not only for higher yields, bt also for
superior quality. Instances have been reported where millers Oave paid a
higher price for pedigreed wheat and pedigreed rye than for commtr varieties,
because the former was more uniform and possessed better milling qialities.
                         MORE LIVE STOCK
      With increased yields the grower of purebred seeds has been enabled
to produce more feed on his farm and consequently more farm animals to
consume the products.
                          BETTER FARMING
      More and better field crops with a larger number of farm animals in-
 creases the soil fertility by returning a latger amount of plant food in
 form of stable manure to the soil The growing of pedigreed seeds has
 a tendency to induce farmers to adopt better farming methods.
                                      ~.        Z

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