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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Otis, D. H.
Banker-farmer exchange bulletin. Bulletin no. 75-special: what the exchange is and how it is operated PDF (1.1 MB)

   . The Banker -Farmer Exchange
                         By D. H  Otis
   If I am to grow improved seeds and breed improved livestock
where will I get the seed and the foundation stock of good quality
and at reasonable figures, says the farmer who is trying to improve
his methods. And when I grow crops from the improved seed is there
any way by which I can get a better price for them? When I have
an extra purebred bull calf or when I can spare a good breeding cow
what can I do to market them at a fair profit? If a boys' calf club
or pig club starts in the community where can we get good calves or
good pigs for the boys?
    These questions have come to the ears of the bankers of Wisconsin
and in annual convention in June, 1919, they decided to help answer
them by establishing the Banker-Farmer Exchange.
   The farmer who has one or more horses, bulls, cows, sheep, hogs,
etc., for sale calls at his local bank and reports what he has for sale.
The items are noted on blanks available at the bank. This list is for-
warded by the bank to the Banker-Farmer Exchange, 1822 Chad-
bourne Ave., Madison, Wise., the same day it is received. This central
office will receive similar lists from other banks over the State. These

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