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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Hulce, R. S.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 74: stock up on feed PDF (890.3 KB)

   Corn Silage-For dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep, corn silage is excel-
lent. It is bulky and should be supplemented by other feeds. Moldy or very
acid silage should not be fed
I_ t^ chai  A  --nA God- -;
to sheep. A good grade of
silage can be fed sheep at the
rate of about two pounds per
head per day.
Straw and Corn Stalks-
Attention should be given to
the judicious use of straw
and corn stalks to supple-
ment and save the more valu-
able feeds. s
  Oate-Oats are not a valu-
  able fattening feed, but are
  an excellent feed for horses,
  growing and breeding stock
  and milch cows. Except for
  horses,  oats  are  usually
  CornsThe     corn grain is
  an energy and fat furnisher.
  Being lowin protein and cer-
  tain minerals, it should not
  form the sole grain for grow-
  ing animals nor dairy cows.
  Barley -At the present
  time barley is one of the
  most economical feeds.
  Ground barley is an excellent
  eed for hogs when supple-
  anentedg n with furnisherbut
  ternmineralse, itsoul tnkage
  frIn the ratolegan for mikgrow-
  dutiongrun barley is oneaflte
  Oasafeed for hogs whn'suple
  me  rnted  with   fattenerbut
In theratio brnfor mikpows
    dutongound battley. svl
    Gluten feedfor allows.a
  .o- goo elfatteonger
      Whetebrsand-f cows.
    Cottonseed meal -for s
       and cows.
mented with skimmilk, but-  The practice of providing silage for the summer
termilk, whey, or tankage.            drought is becoming general.
In the ration for milk pro-
duction ground barley is valuable as a substitute for corn. For beef cattle,
                                    ground barley is slightly less valuable
                                    than corn.
             GRAIN                     Wheat By-Products--Wheat bran
                                     gives bulk and variety in addition to
  Oats--a feed for all animals     furnishing nutrients in a grain mix-
  Corn-a good fattener              ture for milk production.   Wheat
  Barley-economical.                middlings is a standard hog feed, and
                                     may constitute 15 to 20% of a grain
          MILL FEEDS                mixture for dairy cows.
  Wheat bran -for cows and             Oil Meal, Gluten Feed, Cotton-
     young cattle.                  seed Meal-These feeds are high in
   Gluten feed-for cows.             protein. Their use should be in sup-
           Oil mel - fo  youngstock, plementing the grain- mixture of grow~i-
     steers and cows,               ing and breeding animals and cows in
                                     milk, especially when alfalfaL or clover
   Cottonseed meal - for steers     hay does not form a part of the ration.
     and cows.                      Do not feed cottonseed meal to calves
                                     nor swine.

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