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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Anderson, Knute
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 73: at your service PDF (920.3 KB)

tion of Pure Bred Seed Grains. By the growing of those pure bred
grains Wisconsin is known all over the world as the leader in the
production of pure bred corn, rye, barley, and hard winter wheat-
thus securing for the farmers of Wisconsin a higher price for their
grain than is possible in other states.
                BANKER    ARE BOOKKEPR
    But your attention should be called to the service the banker can
render along strictly banking lines. The carrying of a checking
account with your local bank is a matter of good business. You have
an accurate record of your receipts and disbursements, and the can-
celled vouchers returned to you serve as receipts for money expended
and may prove the means of preventing the payment of bills twice.
    With the splendid system of rural delivery, banking by mail is
now an easy thing. Checks or drafts received in business deals may
be deposited almost at once and thus end the possibility of mislaying
or losing them. Your banker will provide endorsement stamps which
will prevent the use by others of such checks sent through the mail,
even if the mail should be lost or stolen. When you have bills to pay
in town your check can be mailed and in this way you save time and
footsteps and your bills are taken care of when due. Checks for your
use are furnished by the bank without charge, and an accurate account
of all your transactions is kept.
                USE YOUR BANK AND BANKER
    If you have idle funds awaiting permanent investment, the bank's
savings account and certificate of deposit are ideal ways of depositing
them, and on these you receive a liberal rate of interest if left for six
months or longer.                               X
    There are times when you may wish to borrow money. Your bank
is the natural place to go. It is part of their business and they are
better equipped to take care of your needs than the average individual
who makes loans as a side line. It pays to get acquainted with your
banker that he may be of service to you when you need him.
    Perhaps you have a deal on and desire certain monies paid over
on the delivery of certain papers. The bank as a disinterested third
party can handle this transaction better than any private individual
and is prepared to meet the obligations imposed by a contract of this

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