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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Anderson, Knute
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 73: at your service PDF (920.3 KB)

           AT YOUR SERVICE
    For several years the Wisconsin Bankers' Association has been
sending this little bulletin to thousands of the farmers of Wisconsin,
believing it to be helpful in bringing home timely and helpful sugges-
*tions. That these have been appreciated we know from the many
kind expressions received by the distributing banks. During the past
dozen years the Banker and the Farmer have been getting together
on a basis of mutual understanding as never before.
     The average banker is not a plutocrat. We must realize that the
 great majority of bankers in the United States are country bankers
 and that their success is dependent on the development of their respee-
 tive communities. The live progressive bankers and farmers of today
 realize that a spirit of co-operation must exist between the different
 industries of a community that those industries may develop to the
 fullest extent. The day of "everyr man for himself and the devil take
 the hindmost" is past; and the day of co-operation is at hand.
              TLU      AND TOLLRB (0-PT
     With this spirit in mind, the banks of Wisconsin want you to
 know of some of the services it is within their distinct prIovince to
 render. We need not tell you of the many activities for the benefit
 of the farmer that the banks have undertaken that have made for com-
 munity development. You are all familiar with the work done and
 the money spent in promoting grain shows, pig clubs, calf clubs, get-
 ting better live stock introduced, and promoting fairs and the advance--
 ment of rural improvement in roads and schools. While these things
 are in a way, out of their ordinary line of endeavor, still in all they
 have brought greater happiness and prosperity to the communities so
     The Bankers' Association, through many of its country bank
 members, has rendered distinctive service by co-operation with the
 Agricultural College of the University of Wisconsin in the dissemina-

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