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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Schindler, L. M.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 72: do lightning rods protect? PDF (998.3 KB)

the cables or grounded at two points. In making all connections avoid
sharp turns so as to prevent side flashes. Copper, aluminum or
heavily galvanized iron cable of 3, 212 or 5 ounce to the foot, respec-
tively, may be used. Unless well galvanized, iron should not be used
because it rusts.
    Points should be placed near each end of the building, at each
cupola or chimney and at intervals along the ridge not greater than
20 feet. Each point should extend from three to five feet above the
ridge of the roof with its base firmly attached to the cable. The shape
of the point is not important providing its tips are sharp.
    PROTECT THE LIVESTOCK. As a storm approaches live stock
start for shelter and huddle along the first fence they reach. Wire
fences are frequently struck by lightning which may be carried for a
considerable distance on one of the wires. Animal bodies near the fence
offer an easy path to the ground and an entire herd may be killed by
side flashes from the wire fence. Ground connections of No. 9 wire
placed at every twenty rods along the fence prevent side flashes and
injury to live stock near the fence. The ground wire should extend at
last four feet below the surface of the ground and be firmly fastened
to each fence wire.
     LIGHTNING RODS ARE DURABLE. When made of good
 material they furnish protection for many years and require but little
 repair. The system should be inspected every spring to see that no
 loose connections or other defects have developed. With this atten-
 tion the owner can rest assured that his family, livestock and buildings
 are immune from injury by lightning. Do not trust to luck. Your
 local dealer and banker stand ready to advise and assist you.

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