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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Marlatt, Abby L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 71: first aids to health in the home PDF (1.1 MB)

body will find it hard to keep in good conditiin. The rule should be a
loose layer of wool or cotton loosely woven next to the body. There
should be two or more layers outside of this for additional protection and
decoration. This gives three layers of air space between the body and
the outside garment. Air does not allow the heat to pass through easily,
therefore, we retain our own heat in the layers next to the body, and
thus resist the chill which the cold weather brings. This' chill is often
responsible for the lowering of our resistance to colds, grippe, or influenza.
   The night clothing should be as carefully selected as the day clothing
-to avoid either the over heating or the chilling of the body. Air spaces
between the layers of woolen blankets and sheets prevent less of heat.
Weight of clothing should be avoided as that adds to fatigue.
                        AVOWD CONTAGION
   Geni life is everywhere. Fortunately for us only a few of the germs
produce disease when located in the body.
   Germs enter the body through the nose, mouth, and all the other pas-
'sages into the body. They also enter through' any' cut. The lining of the
body in a state of health resists the growth of the germ. Nature rushes
to the cut the white blood corpuscles which fight the getm and may win.
The wise individual avoids the possibility of infection through the guard-
ing of the entrances to the' body. Nose breathing, plenty of sunshine and
fresh.air and cleanliness are the best safeguards.
    The keeping away from places of public'amusement or from private
homes where illness is prevalent is the part of wisdom. In this case
"absence of body is better than: presence of mind." In cases of
'keep away" unless you canbe of assistance to your neighbor. (In that
case wear a mnask* -while in the sick-room'. Disinfect the hands and
clothing before you go out'armong people.)
    The best disinfectants are: stinshine for several hours- boiling for
 thirty minutes; bakihg clothing f or two or three hours,. or sakiitg in
 standard disinfectant approved by the Board of Health. Faltering air
 through sterile absorbent cotton or sterile gauze is the best! preventive
 where the source of infection is from droplets discharged from nose or
 throat or bungs of the, sick person.
    -  ~~      _"FIS     AIDS" MIIeN          CLOASET
  ' No home complete without it. Purchase a first aid" Red Cross book
  or send to the Life Extension Institute, New York, for free booklet.
  Then install a medicine cabinet which may'be a wooden box shelved and
  naied to thewall and the cover hinged as a door. Carefully label all
  medicines with the name of the medicine and the method of use.
    .instructions fQr uwaking the r tion Red Cross Spanish flutuens myak:
Cut a
 Hsse 7*tlJ 1Stun; fod into four t  maehw&_mask 4ftwh  e   mnciikii Sew
 =d in   the edges, and  tbrouugh ~  b-~de New for top
 w4. in len~gth ondtghe tour corners to e on adWi A- dilli bit of a Em
 put _ oe side X order tat the weer am   atl D eb i itle  de.wo   out "
 it vAii not be but 'on wropg,. causing germs to be inbaled.. Te >sk wsmae
Vown. over
 the'wis .ad metl

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