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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Marlatt, Abby L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 71: first aids to health in the home PDF (1.1 MB)

      Frt Aids to Health in the Home
   Health has always been the greatest asset of a nation. We must keep
well. The will to be well must be backed by the "know how" to keep
well; First aids must be along the line of prevention in the old Biblical
meaning of "going before."                             I
   "Health First" means avoiding what leads to illness; The first
tial to good health is a simple diet suited to the individual. The second
fresh air and sunshine. The third is enough sleep to allow the. body to
remain well. T1ie fourth is hygienic clothing of theentire body. The
fifth is avoiding contagion.
                       SIMPLE FOOD BNST
   Foods rightly used give us the power to grow, to rebuild our muscles,
to keep well, to keep warm, and to flarnish energy for work. These foods
must therefore be selected with care, cooked simply so that they will be
used completely, and served attractively so that the desire to eat will aid
    The food taken in by the body should be free from harmful germ life.
The normal waste materialshould be eliminated from the body daily. The
bowels and kidneys are the principal sewers of the body; they must be in
good working order. The wise selection of food will help to make this
            FBRE    AIR AND SUNS              NE      Y
    Fresh air is as much a food as any of the others which are taken into
our body. It also acts as a stimulant to the nerves so that health regula-
ticn is easier. If to that there is added the -disinfecting power of stin-
shine we are able to combat most of the foes that weaken our power to
resist the dangerous infections. Notronly should we spend part of every
day out-of-doors in useful work but we should so clothe ourselves at night
that there can be plenty of fresh air circulating through the bed-rooms.
The oxygen of the air is necessary for us to burn our foods: in the body
to give us heat. With-plenty of fresh air and simple food easily digested
we can keep warm even though we burn less fuel in stoves and furnaces.
Take time to breathe deeply many times a day.
    Sunshine falling directly on blankets and mattresses for several hours
 each day will keep them safe even though germs which are infectious may
 be present. This was the first lesson taught the boys in the camps.
    Flood the house with sunshine. Sunshine in every room is a "first
 aid" measure that should be enforced in -every home. The properly built
 house today is planned so that sunlight will penetrate every room and
 every closet. Cross ventilation is as essential 2s sunthine in making the
 house. safe as a place in which to keep health to the iighest. standard.
     send to the Colleg ot 4oricuture, yadisons Wsconain, 'fi tunlttm '-Iftwati
 selecting Uood! and a art "now Your Foods:               I .

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