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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Sauve, E. C.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 70: the tractor as an investment PDF (914.5 KB)

   The tractor will become more popular when in addition to operating
the plow, it is made to operate, to a greater extent, other farm machin-
ery, such as the cultivator, mower, and binder.
  The harvester is another machine which the tractor often pulls in a satisfactory
           manner. The tractor's day is as long as the driver wants It.
   The belt work which a tractor motor can do is a factor which in-
fluences the farmer in the purchase of his machine. When it is a
question of deciding between the purchase of a stationary engine and
a tractor it is very natural to select the latter, because of its ability
to do more than one kind of work. There is no question but that a
great number of farmers of tomorrow will plan work for their tractor
according to a definite schedule, similarly to the manner in which work
is carried out in the industries. This plan when successfully carried
out would add greatly to the profits of the tractor.
   The conclusions to be drawn from the replies from the 106 tractor
owners are undoubtedly favorable to the tractor. However, there are
a few conditions where tractors can not be used profitably. Three
limiting factors are: stony lands, exeessively hilly lands and small
fields. The owners of such lands who do little or no belt work with
their tractors are dissatisfied. Such sales are harmful not only to fur-
ther justifiable sales in these communities but to power farming in
general. Far sighted tractor manufacturers are realizing that it is not
good policy to encourage sales under such adverse conditions.

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