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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Whitson, A. R.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 68: feeding the farm PDF (820.0 KB)

    addition of 500 pounds of 4/12/0 fertilizer, the yield was 55
       At Marshfield, on good heavy silt loam soil, the use of phos-
    phate fertilizer has produced an average increase on corn, oats,
    wheat, and clover of $11.14 an acre on these products for five
    years at normal prices has been $7.73 an acre net profit.
       At Dodgeville, on excellent prairie silt loam soil, 300 pounds
    of acid phosphate, costing about $4, increased the yield of oats
    this year from 691/2 to 87 bushels an acre. Selling at 60 cents a
    bushel it nets a profit of $6.50 an acre. At normal prices for fer-
    tilizers and 40 cents for oats the net profit would be just $6.00
    an acre.
       On similar land, 125 pounds of acid phosphate applied in the
    hill with the corn increased the silage from 8.7 tons to 15.8 tons
    an acre, thus showing the special need of phosphorus on this piece
    of land.
       On marsh soil in Price county, an application of 275 pounds of
    acid phosphate and 100 pounds of sulpltate of potash, costing
    usually $4.75, produced a yield of timothy and alsike clover of
    5,100 pounds an acre. Without the fertilizers the yield was 2,700
    pounds. At $10 a ton the net profit was $12 an acre.
       On a marsh at Palmyra the yield of silage with the same treat-
    ment was 151/½ tons, while without treatment it was 31/A tons
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