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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Bullock, D. S.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 66: how one county is retiring its scrub bulls PDF (926.5 KB)

  A bull like this never Improves a herd. This Is the type that is being
A good pure bred Guernsey took the place of this grade Guernsey. This herd
now headed toward better stock, more milk and larger profits.
                MAKIA  G THE OFFER TO TRADE
      The teachers and pupils who took the census were able to turn
in the names of about 1100 owners of grade and scrub bulls. A letter
was sent to every one of these explaining the offer to trade with a
request to answer in case they would like to talk over the proposition.
      The next step to get the farmers acquainted with the plan was
the holding of schoolhouse meetings. Four of these were generally
held in each town and on consecutive nights. At these meetings the
general situation in the county and town was gone over, the advan-
tages of a pure bred sire discussed and the offer to trade made. The
names of all owners of grade and scrubs were obtained. These men
were visited later and told where they could go to look at bulls offered
for exchange. It was then entirely up to the owner of the grade or
scrub bull. If he liked the pure bred better than the bull he had the
trade was made.
                  CONDITIONS OF THE TRADE:
      It was required that the grade or scrub offered for trade lbe of
-breeding age and to have been in service in the owner's herd. If
necessary the owner was permitted to keep his grade or scrub until the
pure bred he received was old enough for service. The man receiving
a pure bred agreed to keep him and use him in his herd for two years.

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