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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Bullock, D. S.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 66: how one county is retiring its scrub bulls PDF (926.5 KB)

Your grade or scrub bull for a pure bred?
      This question was put up squarely to every own&r of grade and
scrub bulls in Fond du Lac county in the campaign carried on there a
few months ago.
      Every farmer in the county, using a grade or scrub bull in his
herd, was offered in exchange a pure bred Guernsey, Holstein or
Jersey bull, from three to nine months of age, without any cost to
      Fond du Lac County has three community breeders' associations,
one for each of the three leading dairy breeds, Guernsey, Holstein and
      Every breeder of pure bred dairy cattle of any kind was asked
to contribute at least one pure bred bull calf, from three to nine months
old, and to take in exchange a grade or scrub of breeding age. The
work therefore depends largely upon the local breeders and without
their support cannot be carried on.  %
      There was a very generous response by the breeders, some
offering all their bull calves for one year for this work. As soon as the
campaign was under way several breeders sought out neighbors and
acquaintances who were not using pure bred sires and arranged to
trade with them.
                   HOW THEY ORGANIZED
      First of all a meeting of the local community breeders' associa-
tions was called, the general plans were presented and assurance of
support by the breeders given.
      Then a cattle census of the county was taken through the rural
schools. The county superintendent of schools, the rural teachers and
the pupils did this very important work.
      A committee consisting of the presidents and secretaries of the
local community breeders' associations, the county agent and the repre-
sentatives of the Wisconsin Live Stock Breeders' Association was
placed in charge of the work.
      The results of the census were gone over carefully and put into
shape for presentation to the public. A map of the county was made
showing the percentage of pure bred, grade and scrub bulls in each

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