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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 65: farm accounts: why and how one man kept them PDF (1008.0 KB)

   The attention was turned to the milk house where the milk was
bottled. The weight of milk going over the cooler was compared
with the number of quarts placed in the refrigerator. It was estab-
lished that 30 to 40 quarts a day were lost down the drain because of
an old and leaky bottling machine. This waste of $3 to $4 a day was
cut out by investment in a new and efficient bottling machine. An-
other small saving was effected by paying a little more for more
accurately calbrated delivery bottles.
     Then the matter of delivery was attacked and a sales campaign
begun, to dispose of the increased output which could be economically
produced; thus cutting overhead expense per unit of sales, thereby
increasing profits.
     All these "new fangled ideas" caused some friction among the
employees, but when they quit a premium was offered to a better class
of help and a net saving in payroll effected.
    So farmer Brown's business was put on a paying basis by means
of a few pertinent records. No formal bookkeeping had been done
during the reorganization period. But Farmer Brown was convinced,
and preparation was made for developing the office end of the work.
A set of accounts adapted to his needs were started, a routine clerk
taught to do the work and the accountant released to new work.
    The Department of Agricultural Economics of the College of
Agriculture, Madison, has worked out a new farm record book, or
bound set of forms, which will enable any farmer to attack his own
problems as Farmer Brown did his, with a small amount of labor and
a great deal of benefit. The 1epartment will co-operate with such
farmers as are seriously interested in accounts adapted to their farm
                     EP SOORE!
   Half the fun in the Great American Game lies in keeping
the box score at the game and watching the averages and
standings of the clubs in the daily papers.
   Keep score on your farm business. You will find it inter-
esting. Which cow gives the most milk a day: Does Ann hold
out for a good average for the season? Better than Jane, who
started out poorly? How many months did you beat the price
of milk?
    Play the game right! Keep score!

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