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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Negley, Noel
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 63: how to use a cow testing association PDF (1.0 MB)

How To Use A Cow Testing Association
    The fellow who bought a $30.00 suit and left it in the closet for
the moths to eat did not know how to "use" a suit. It's the same
with the dairyman who invests $30.00 a year in a cow testing associa-
tion and never looks into his herd record nor takes any special interest
in the work.
    Of course, before a man can wear a suit, he has to buy it, and
before a dairyman can get any good out of a cow testing association
he has to be a member, and almost every live dairyman who has the
opportunity is a member or expects to join as soon as an association
can be organized in his community.
    When a man puts $30.00 a year into an association he does it not
to help anyone else, but to help himself. It is neither charity nor
expense; it is an investment upon which he expects to get good returns.
He is not getting something for nothing, but simply joining with 25
other men so that the service he gets cost him less. And what he gets
for his money depends very much upon each man and his tester.
     Some dairymen think that when they have paid their fees they
 have done all that is necessary, and association benefits should come
pouring in. They may get $30.00 worth of good out of it, but if thcy
"used" the association right they ought to get $300.00 out of their
    The secret of the whole matter, any successful member will tell
you, is simply this-'"Pay your fees promptly and then see to it that
you get your money's worth." Your tester is not sleeping in 30
different beds and eating in 30 different homes a month simply because
he loves you. He wants his pay and he wants to give you service.
    Through his monthly visits the cow tester gives you in the herd
book a written introduction to each of your cows. You will find that
sometimes you have been "entertaining an angel unawares, and some-
times a devil."
    You will learn that you have been feeding some of your cows too
heavily and others not enough. Weighing each cow's milk daily will
take but little time and will enable you to feed economically and keep
in touch with each cow. Daily milk sheets are furnished free to the

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