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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Schindler, L. M.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 61: heating the farm home PDF (1.1 MB)

             Heating The Farm Home
     Many fuel bills may be reduced by a fourth or even a half. Next winter,
whether we heat our homes with stoves or plants, we win need to save fuel.
     A good heating system, 'properly installed and carefully operated, will
furnish twice as much heat to the rooms, from the same amount of fuel, as
many systems now in use. A cheap or worn out heater will waste enough fuel
in a few seasons to pay for a good heating plant. See that you get an efficient
heater, when you buy, and have a reliable contractor Install and guarantee
heating plant.
      A. heater should be inspected during the summer. Warped or broken
parts, cracked castings, poor fitting doors should be repaired or replaced
summer or early in the fall. These defects allow too much air to pass through
the firepot and increase the loss of heat through the chimney. Airtight joints
in the firepot and at the base of the furnace prevent an excess of air from
                                           passing through the firepot and
                                           keep fuel gases from entering
                                           the heating chamber in the case
     SAVE COAL this coming winter       of a hot air heating system.
                                               The heater and all pipes
   by putting your heating plant in     whether hot air, steam, or hot
   first class condition NOW.           water, should be insulated to
                                            prevent heat loss. Pipes for
                                            hot air system must be of suffi-
                                            cient size and properly arranged.
I' you find difficulty in heating a room, a larger pipe to this room may
it. A return pipe, placed along the ceiling in the basement or near and parallel
with a warm afr pipe, will usually result in a poor circulation of air between
the heater and rooms.
      A good chimney is essential to the successful operation of the heating
plant. The chimney flue should be straight from top to bottom and the walls
airtight throughout. A leaky chimney has poor draft and heat is wasted to
secure the draft.
      It may be difficult at times to secure sufficient combustion to heat
house. The smoke pipe from the furnace must -not project beyond the Suie
lining of the chimney. The projection would obstruct the smoke passage. The
top of a chimney should be higher than the ridge of the roof or any nearby
object to prevent down drafts.
      The heater must be of the proper size to heat the house well. A furnace
 which is too small will require undue "forcing" in extreme weather
and may
 not be able to heat the house to a comfortable temperature. "Forcing"
a ire
 means wasting fuel and a shorter life for the heater.

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