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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Harper, C. A.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 60: hot weather health hints PDF (1.1 MB)

   The diet in hot weather should be largely milk. vegetables, fruit and
It shduld contain very little meat. Constipation is at all times serious
likely to impair one's health, especially during the hot summer months. Thb
general tendency is to eat too fast and too much.
    Remember that the teeth are a valuable part of the organs of digestion,
that a reasonable quantity of food is suffleient to keep up the strengh and
port activities, and at the same time to relieve the system of undue burden.
               lP THU HOM AMRY AD CLUT"I
    The farm house should be well lighted and ventilated in every pa  Espe-
cwlY in the sleeping rooms should there be plenty of window space and fresh
air admitted day and night. There is nothing Iwthe old belief that night
is dangerous. In ruallty it is safer to breathe than day air, because with
lessened traffic night air contains less dust.
    Screen all windows and doors against flies and other insects.
    Shrubbery and trees about the home should be well trimmed to admit
plenty of sunlight.
    Cleanliness in the home is always important. Old carpets should be
removed and rugs, if used, should be frequently cleaned and exposed to the
sunlight. A bare floor, with a few well-eared-for rugs, is much better than
carpeted floor.
        Let in the sunlight.,
        leep awith the windows open.
        Wuard the water supply from impurities.
        Dispose of sewage by building a septic task.
        Protect food from 4ecowipoltion and dangerous bacteria.
        Keep the schoolhouse clean and it outbuildings sanitary.
        Reuwve garbage and Oanre promptly from the home surroundingl.
        Abolish every breeding place for flies to prevent insect-borne ills.
     Every farmer should take great pains to keep his water supply pure.
 means careful attention to the location of outhouses and disposal of sewage
 manure. Investigations have shown that from 20 to 40 per cent of farm and
 rural wells are unsafe. It is of the utmost importance, therefore, that
 from the barn or outhouse does not reach the water in the well.
     Driven and drilled wells are such safer than dug wells and so, no matter-
 what may be the difference in cost, are preferable. Of course every well
 have a tight cover and no stagnant pools should be allowed to remain about
                - SWAG B=INGS DINEA              D1AGS
     Poorly constructed privies present a constant danger of disease- The
 sony mud shelter-house should be made flytight and be so constructed a to
 keep out rats, mice. squirrels. and domestic animals At frequent intervals
 re&Wo&Me quantities of unsabaked or water slacked lime should be
 into thle vault to disinfect and deodorize the contents.
     A spwage disposal plant consisting of a septic tanks and disposal uSit
  laiter of a kind best sdited to the lay of the land. character of ail and
  outlet, is considered the safest means of removing human wastes.
     Osend to the College of Agriculture, Madiso, for rcuar 00, "Sewage
DhIpml for
  Coautry Homkes."

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