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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Harper, C. A.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 60: hot weather health hints PDF (1.1 MB)

           Hot Weather Health Hint
   "Be fit" is now our country's call to every man.
   The-Janner, upon whom the nation depends for the food to keep our lIght-
ing men "it", must also keep in the best physical condition. His,
too, is a
MAN'S job!
   Unfortunately, farmers, as a class, have neglected to look AIrt to their
physical well-being. Life in the open is In their favor, but too often farmers
who are robust and healthy, and free from physical defects usually have become
so In spite, and not because of any systematic effort to keep fit.
     Practically 28 per cent of aol young men from    rurtl districts
  esmined Jofr the draft were found below standard. Thi meane that
  . nearly one-third of the loutha from country hoe., between 21 and. 31
I  ear. of age, were phyiacallyj or meitaZg tunfit for ,JIUftarI serice.
Ig__A u oa
   We should begin now to correct some of these mistakes
                    BUM~R.UIRZAESHEALTH 3131
   hmy conqtlons on the farm make health rith   grester X av.wmer than
at other seaon. Farmers will help to keep themasive. am the aue  de uriung
the warm months by following caretully certain rules of hygiene aud saitatlon.
   The.fammer needs a varied diet of wholesome food, limited ln the Uiso
tore meal a day. He should drink liberally of wate betwse     mebL. If
poelble he ahould take 16 to 20 minutes rest a~ter dinner and AveOr. Regu-
laril in bowel functions Is abeolutely nemeday ror health.
   iafl  uts, bruises and scratcheg ahould be gdYou  Btino to prvent
tafea    ar blood paboalug. In  m   at a puHetus eeM,        16  example
by stepping on a nail, the wound should be opened, cleansed wUh bqiling water
and tincture of iodine applied immediately. If it becomes inflamed a physician
shoul4 be called at once. Medical advice should be sought, In all oases of
punctured Wounda. Cut or scratae should be treated with todlie or a wet
dreasing of a boric acid solution made by dissolving in hot water all the
crystals or powder that the water will absorb. Care should be taken to keep
dirt out of wounds. On the first idication of marked illness the former should
seek proper medical advice.
              EMT MAY BE FATAL; TAKE CAM !
    During very hot weather the farm worker needs periods of rest and should
drink reaanale quantities of eold water-not tee water. Upon the slightest
sign Of dizzines or unuaa  4atrue he aboud  Oti wrk for a little while and,
if possible, bathe his head, hands and arms In cold wator. SuZch orecautions
wi1 tAd toeavid sunstroke and injury to health from what may be regarded
-a hat exhauttio.-

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