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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Hadley, F. B.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 57: how to care for sick animals PDF (945.2 KB)

         with diarrhea. In winter it is good practice to warm the drinking
         water. Under no circumstances give ice-cold water to sick animals.
         Most animals can be trusted to drink all the water they want without
         harm, provided they are not overheated. A separate watering pail
         should be kept for use in the sick stall to prevent contagious diseases
         from spreading to other animals in the stable.
                              GIVE DAILY EXERCISE
            No one thing is more valuable than exercise. It causes free circu-
         lation of the blood through all parts of the body.  It should always
         be moderate but given daily unless the patient is suffering from
a dis-
         ease accompanied with high fever, when better results will be had
         absolute rest. Exercise in a small yard or at the halter gives an
         tunity for the animal to get a supply of fresh air at the same time.
         Denied exercise, even the most robust animal sooner or later loses
             Now that a graduate veterinarian is within call of most farms,
         should, as a rule, be consulted whenever an animal gets sick. His
         tions should be followed closely, otherwise the prescribed treatment
         likely to fail, for medicines are dependent upon proper care and
         incapable of accomplishing a cure when not supported by the things
         outlined in the foregoing paragraphs. Remember that even a slight
         change for the worse may forerun serious trouble, so should be reported
         promptly to the attending veterinarian. He will often find it desirable
         to change the medicine or prescribe additional drugs for the support
         of the animal.
             The essential points mentioned above may be summarized by stat-
          ing that the animal mechanism must be given intelligent care, good
          quarters, suitable protection, proper food, pure drink, and daily
          cise to be in the best condition to ward off and recover from disease.

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