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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 56: treat seed grains to control smuts and blights PDF (918.9 KB)

   "Yes, I remember. A. G. Johnson of the Experiment Station was
around last summer looking over barley fields for this trouble."
   "I just learned down at the short course that that is what they
call 'stripes' disease, a germ disease carried with the seed much the
same as smut. They say, though, that it is harder to kill than the smuts
and that it is best to actually soak the seed for two hours in the formal-
dehyde solution. But when that is done, not only the stripe is killed
but the covered smut, and most of the loose smut too."
   "That's alright, but I don't believe I'll have help enough to soak
all my barley seed. I guess I'll plan to soak enough for a small field
where clean seed can be grown for another year."
                     SMUT LOWERS OAT YIELD.
                It can be prevented by proper seed treatment.
   "Yes, that's a good plan."
   "They showed us a smut machine down there at the short course.
too, that seems to be a pretty handy thing. I understand that our
county agent is going to get a number of them to be let out to clubs.
I think I'll telephone him tonight to see if I can't get one for our farm-
ers' club. I think it would be a good thing. We could then divide up
on the expense and carry the machine around in our autos. It doesn't
take very long to run the grain through, of course, the grain has to
be well cleaned up first the same as for any of the other seed treatment
   "They gave us some good simple directions for treating seed grains.
T have a copy of them here in my pocket. Here they are."

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