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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Mattson, D. F.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 54: the value of cleaner milk PDF (946.9 KB)

                 The Value of Cleaner Milk
              Does it pay to produce clean milkI It certainly does.
              Let Rogers tell you why.
                         DIRTY MWIL SOURS EASILY
              "I am sorry, Rogers, but your milk is too dirty for us
           use on our milk routes. It will sour before we can use it.
           We will pay you 20 cents under price, for it for our butter
              gI auess you don't want milk The condensery will take
           it," replied Rogers, as he rolled his can back on the wagon
              The condensery, however, refused to accept the milk be-
           cause it contabled over .2 per cent acid. Rogers was finally
           forced to feed to the pigs milk that if clean would have been
           worth $3 or more a hundred.
              This incident, which is a trie mne, occurs all too frequietly
           in almost every community. Because of it, the produeer loses
           money, the dairy produets plant loses business, and the public
           is robbed of a valuable food.
                In the end it will pay tdR give the people wbat they want.
            It is an absolute fact that the people want clean milk 'Every
            year, in twelve the United States, the people employ
            179 inspectors to see to it that the milk supply is kept clean.
            The inspection service costs these 12 cities over $306,000 an-
            nually. In 1915, 408 cities reported the use of city inspection.
            Undoubtedly Many cities employing milk inspectors failed to
            report. The federal government is spending larg  ums of
            money and euploying many men to cooperate    th   state
         ,,,- and muuiipAl authorities in -helping the farnrs to produee
            eleaner and better milk in larger quantities.
tU                  . I
.- _ r- '

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