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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 53: "when a feller needs a friend" PDF (1.1 MB)

    "When a Feller Needs a Friend"
  First of all I am a farmer. But while I have lived on a southern
Wisconsin farm all my life, I have had occasion to visit the farms of
not only many sections of this state, but also of many other states as
   When organizing a little bank to meet the needs of our community
my neighbors asked me to serve on its board of directors and later to
act as the chief executive officer.
   All of this only means that I have had the opportunity to observe
the needs of men acquainted with farming and the necessity for
thorough team-work in any community.
   Whatever I may say in these pages will be for the purpose of
developing a greater co-operation between country and town folk.
Their interests are in common and it is to the advantage of all that
everything be done to protect the farmer and the business man to
serve his best interests.
   It is undoubtedly true that, as a- class, we farmers often keep closer
to our own tasks than is good for us or Qur communities. Like every
one else,- we need more, or at least better friends. There are. times
of course, times when like the "stitch in time" we need friends
than ever.
   We wouldn't want any one to think as some of our city brothers
seem to be thinking-that farmers are seeking special favors or need
to be bolstered up. As the biggest single force in Any live agricul-
tural community, we do not ask any "head start" over our town neigh-
bors. All we want is teamwork. Let the merchant do his part as he
should, the banker his, and the farmer will not disappoint.
   By friends we don't mean "fair weather friends", like Job had
when his farm paid, him well, but real, honest-to-goodness friends.
   Because everybody's using war time illustrations nowadays, let's
call these steadfast friends of ours the Farm Red Cross squad-for
it makes no differeice whether you're winning or losing, white or
black, rich or poor, or what church you go to-these folks are always
on the job "when a feller noid a frig".
   Just to show what I mean, let's consider some of the things these
 good friends have done for some farmers right here in our own com-
 munity. You know the details, so I'll just give the instances to remind
 us where our real friends are when we need 'em.

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