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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Luther, E. L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 52: how, when and why--organize and standardize production PDF (940.5 KB)

                      IMMEDIATELY !
                        Dairy Cattle
   Live Stock-Township breeders' organizations to use pure
bred sires of but one breed.
   Cow Testing Associations-To produce only high producing
dairy stock.
   Tuberculosis-County organization under the new Wisconsin
law making it possible to clean up tuberculosis in whole com-
   These three moves will give us standard stock of a breed, high
producing and disease-free.
                       Dairy Products
   Through our many creameries and cheese factories we have
made a long stride in improving our production of buttir and
cheese over the former home made products. But we are still
far removed from uniform quality, due to the fact that milk pro-
duction is still carried on under thousands of various conditions
as the fancy of the thousands of producers may suggest. So the
butter or cheese you buy today is no guarantee of what you may
get tomorrow.
                           The Need
    What is now needed in Wisconsin most of all in butter and
  heese production is community organization of milk production
  in which every patron of a creamery or cheese factory will be
  following the same identical processes as every other in produc-
  ing milk.
    High producing cows, kept in well lighted, well ventilated,
 clean barns, turned out into clean yards, fed upon hay free from
 weeds and silage free from rag weed, grazed in pastures free
 from weeds, milked by milkers who carefully groom themselves
 and the cows, and the milk handled by people who are careful
 that all utensils and separators are washed clean after each use-
 these things are necessary to proper organization of agricultural
 production along dair lines and in this case, due to intimate
 onnection with the effects of bacteria it is absolutely necessary
 rhat every member of i producing community should be scrupu-
 lous about each and every process. To organize a dairy com-
 munity properly no careless or indifferent person should become
 a member. Just one such will make the product second or tlird
 grade stuff.
     Perhaps in no other line has organization of production gone
  on faster in Wisconsin than in potato growing.

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