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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Luther, E. L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 52: how, when and why--organize and standardize production PDF (940.5 KB)

         How, When and Why-
   For what agricultural product is your county known?
   Many a county valued, outside of its .cities at $20,000,000, does
not enjoy a reputation for the production of any product of
sufficiently superior quality to entitle it to a special market.
   Where is there a successful manufacturing plant valued at
this amount, the production of which is based upon the hit-and-
miss methods of the agricultural production in such a county?
   Suppose we had a factory valued at that much with 3,000 or
4,000 workers in it each one of whom was free to turn out accord-
ing to his fancy the product or products which the factory manu-
factured. If that were an implement factory, farmers would be
unable to get two machines alike from that factory, the workable-
ness of one machine -would be no guarantee of another, and in
disgust with factory-made machinery farmers would be using
home made rakes, forks, cradles, scythes, and so on. The great
factory would be a failure. It would have an impossible market-
ing problem on its hands.
   So it is with agricultural production. The 3,000 farmers of
a county often produce what the fancy of each one permits.
Imagine the varieties of products and the various grades of
quality of what he may be able to secure tomorrow. Farmers
complain of their markets. Do you see why?
                 WHO GETS TEE MONEY?
   Today two Missourians desire assistance with securing a car-
load of dairy heifer calves. Where shall we send them? That is
the problem.
   They do not want calves of any color. They want calves
carrying the marks of one great dairy breed.
   This request is similar to nearly one hundred such requests
which have come in since March, 1917. We are put to it to tell
these men where to go. The great majority of the farmers of
most of our townships in Wisconsin still use scrub and grade
   What if every farmer of -Wisconsin were using a pure bred
sire of any one of the great dairy breeds? The production of live
stock. along dairy lines would then approach something like
organization and all of Wisconsin would be receiving practically
all of the calls for dairy breeding stock. Whereas now those
communities with just "cattle" receive no calls.

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