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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Hill, Charles L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 51: how the short course helps PDF (912.1 KB)

   How The Short Course Helps*
   When a boy on a Wisconsin farm goes to his father with
one of the circulars telling of the Short Course, and -expresses
a wish to attend, doubtless the question in the father's mind is
---" Will it pay?"
   From a personal knowledge of hundreds who have taken
the course the writer can answer "yes"-and that from every
   First, but by no means of greatest importance would be the
financial end of the situation. I know that this training has
made it possible for hundreds of young men, now on Wisconsin
farms, to take these farms valued at from $100 to $200 an acre,
for which their fathers paid but $50 an acre and for which
their grandfathers paid $1.25-stoek these farms with pure
bred live stock, until the investment on many 160-aere farms
exceeds $50,000, and stifl not only make 5 per cent on the in-
vestment but to receive in addition each year from $1,000 to
$5,000 for their managerial services. Not only do they do this
but they build on these farms homes that compare in size, com-
fort, and even luxury, with many of the best city homes; to
have these homes furnished and equipped so that the family
can enjoy all that is best in life, including books, pictures, and
music; to send his children, possibly not to the Short Course
but to take a full four-year course in agriculture which now
really means four years of the best training along the lines of
scientific agriculture.
    *Charles L. Hill, a member of the Wisconsin State Board of Education
 a successful breeder of pure bred dairy cattle, is a graduate of the Short
 of the University of Wisconsin, Class of 1888-Editor.

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