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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Hepler, J. R.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 45: that vegetable garden PDF (1.0 MB)

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      That V egetable baruen
 The vegetable garden, if properly handled, is the most
rofitable half-acre on the farm. It will yield a continuous
ipply of fresh vegetables, which will provide a pleasant
hange of diet throughout the year and promote the general
ealth of the family.
               Have Garden Near House
  Most of the work of planting and cultivating is done in
pare minutes and the vegetables are generally harvested by
he housewife, who does not have time to go to the far end
if the farm. The garden then should be located near the
Louse so that it will be convenient. The shade of buildings
or trees should be avoided as much as possible. A southern
exposure is preferable because the soil where so exposed
wvarms up early in the spring.
  The size of the garden depends upon the amount of vege-
tables wanted, but, in most cases, it need not be larger than
half an acre. By taking slightly more than an acre of
ground, planting small fruits and such perennial vegetables
as rhubarb and asparagus, in the center and alternating
vegetables with clover on either side, a two-year rotation
may be followed. In this way the ravages of disease and
insects are lessened and the soil is improved by plowing
under the clover.
                  Follow a Definite Plan
   In planning a garden, keep the following points in mind:
   1. -Aim to provide a constant supply of the vegetables
preferred by the family.
   2.. Grow only vegetables of high quality.
   3. The early short-season crops such as radishes, lettuce,
spinach, early peas and early onions, may be followed by
beans, tomatoes, late cabbage, sweet corn, or turnips.
    4. Each crop should have sufficient room for its best
development and to allow proper tillage.
    5. It is desirable to have the rows of the larger and
longer-season crops far enough apart to permit horse culti-
vation. The smaller vegetables may be planted somewhat
closer if they are to be tilled with a hand cultivator.
                  Barnyard Fertilizer Best
    Nearly all vegetables require a large amount of organic
 matter in the soil. This can best be supplied in the form of
 well-rotted barnyard manure used at the rate of about
 twelve to twenty tons for each acre. Commercial fertilizers
 are of little benefit except in very poor soils.
     The fertilizer should be applied in the spring and then

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