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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Marlatt, A. L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 44: washing made easier PDF (1.0 MB)

the force pump will supply sufficient water to supply the needs
of the house for the day. The expense of the force pump and
piping from the cistern to the house may be as low as $25.00
for pump, pipe, sink, barrel, and necessary brackets and faucets
(see Figure).
                  DRYINIG THE CLOTHES
   Drying the clothes in very cold weather is always a serious
                                     f Ptnrn fhse Rta~ndnoint of
the elothing and from thq stand-
point of the woman's health.
Going from a hot, very moist
room into the freezing air out
of doors is often the beginning
of ill health. The use of a room
in the house in which the
elothes may be dried is not al-
always either advisable or avail-
able. The balcony drier, an at-
tachment to the rail of the
       A PORCH .DRIER.         porch, may not De iMeal, buti It
 A substitute, In zero weather, for a  wl  tlatrmv  oeo    h
   Aolothes-lifne in the back yard.  bill at least remove some of the
   t                         ~~~~~~~~~bad conditions.
   If there is an enclosed porch, the use of the pulley clothesline
extending out in-              i
to the yard may
allow the worker
to stand in the en--
closure while
hanging out the
   Better yet, a
wall-arm d r i e r
may be fastened to
the walls of the
porch so that the
clothing may dry
in an en'closed
       Umk..I  we
spaew LUM     G               A WALL-AilM JJ1DllP. L.
sunshine    ca   fall Each "arm" can be let down against the wall
when, not
upon it.                             in use.
." II'

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