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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Marlatt, A. L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 44: washing made easier PDF (1.0 MB)

       Let Power Do The Rubbing
   The farmer has to solve his labor problem through the use of
more.power machinery, by reducing the size of the farm, or by
increasing the employment of farm labor.
   In somewhat the same way one of the heaviest "beast-of-
burden" labors of the farm home may be solved either by sending
the washing out to a laundry which may be run in co-operation
with a creamery, or through the introduction into the home of
nower washing machinery, a possibility in a very large proportion
of farm homes.
With the power
machinery there
should be run-
ning water in the
laundry room as
well as in the
kitchen so that
what is so often
provided for the
stock at the barn
may be provided
for the woman
who works in the
   Piping  from
the cistern to the
pum p in t h e
            WHY CARRY WATER?                Itenen wil at
A little gasoUne engine will do it for you. it is cheaper least do  away
               and far better,              with a part of the
labor required in carrying of water for all purposes.
          HUSEWIFE LI         TONS OF WATER
   "The getting of the water from the source of supply to the
point of application requires," we are told by good aut1ority,
"more manual labor than any other item of housekeeping. The
water for the kitchen has to be lifted from the well, carried to the
kitchen, poured out of the kettle into the dishpan, and from the
dishpan out of doors. This makes six times the water is handled;
and a bucket of water, containing two gallons, with the contain-
ing vessel will weigh 20 pounds. When this is handled six times,
the total lifting is 120 pounds. The cooking of three meals a day
on a meager allowance of water will necessitate 10 buckets, which
will make for cooking alone 1,200- pounds of lifting per day.
When to this is added the water necessary for bathing, scrubbing,
and the weekly wash, it will easily bring the lift per day up to a
ton; and the lifting of a ton a day will .take the elasticity out of
a woman's step, the bloom out of her cheek, and the enjoyment
out -of her sul."

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