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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Tormey, John L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 41: meat making as a business PDF (941.6 KB)

   Much of the sheep feeding that is done in the country is done by profes-
sional sheep feeders who need no advice as to how money can be made in the
mainag of mutton.  These men know the value of leguminous roughages such
as clover and alfalfa hay- and pea vines. They also know that sheep are good
animals to clean up weeds and other growing material around the farm. Be-
sides, they know that the sheep will fatten on such feeds as mill screenings,
and salvage grain.
"My feeder lost money-I returned only           --              my -__
86.9 cents a bushel for corn and had to be  $1.19 a bushel for corn and made
fed 146 days to gain 36 pounads  I had a  pounds of gain in 109 days.  Clover
balanced ration, but an expensive and in-  wRas grown on our farm. See the
efficient one.  Look at my daily ration,  grown ration I ate daily-1.6 pounds
They made me eat 1 pound timothy hay,   hay and 1.3 pounds corn.
1 pound corn, and 0.2 pound cotton seed
   Among the growers of sheep there are many who keep small flocks of
ewes. Sometimes we do not give the sheep the attention we should. Too often
we seem to think that sheep are side issues and that mutton on the farm is
simply a by-product of the principal farm operations. This, of course, is
The production of mutton is a business, and in recent years has been a very
profitable business.
    While sheep are good weed killers, and clean UP and fertilize the farm,
they respond readily to the right kind of feeding, and can be made most profit-
sble by feeding the farm-grown, feeds. Grain feeds can be fed most profitably
when the right kind of roughage is fed in connection. The accompanying
illustrations show the marked value of a balanced ration of clover hay and
over a banced ration of corn, timothy hay and cotton seed meal. Clover Is
the great friend of the sheep feeder; timothy hay one of his worst enemies.
        To sta? the swine industry of Wisconsin as a meat producing baii-
    ness is one of the aims of -Wisconsin Swine Week" to be held at
    FebruArl 5 to 8. At this meeting of breeders, feeders, drovers, and con-
    sumers, demonstrations will be given to show how pork can be produced
    at a propt by the use of forage crops, by new practices such as the use
    of the sell-feeder and the hogging down of corn, and by preventing and
    controlling the common diseases which attack the swine herd.

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