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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Wilson, H. F.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 36: when "fly time" comes PDF (1.0 MB)

from eight hours to three or four days, depending upon temperature. The
tiny white larvae which hatch from these eggs Immediately burrow into wfiat-
ever substance the eggs have been laid upon and continue there for five or
more days feeding and growing. At the end of that time the larvae leave the
food substance and crawling under pieces of wood, rubbish, etc., change into
another form in whigh they resemble somewhat brownish oval seeds. Three or
four days later the ends of these seed-like capsules break open and the adult
flies come out. Generation after generation follows throughout the summer
from the middle of April to the middle of September, so that about ten genera
tions are produced each year.
    WHICH WILL IT BE-4AFE OR                  A HOME MADE FLY
               SORRY?                                TRAP
      A little money and effort spent In   Made out of wire netting
    fly Usatters5 fly tra, screens, etc,      and nail keg hoep.
    will save a lot of worry, sickness
    and loss
   Swat them, trap them, poison them, kill them wherever you see them, bat
best of all, do away with their breeding places and prevent them.
   It has been found that one.ounce (1 tablespooneflI) of formalin (40 per
cent formaldehyde) in 16 ounces (one pint) of a mixture of equal parts of
and water in shallow dishes with a piece of bread in the center for the flies
light on, proves very attractive and destruCtive to the flies, especially
placed on the front and back porches of houses.
                       HOW TO PREVENT FLIES
   Without suitable places for hatching flies cannot exis  Therefore, remove
manure am waste& promptly.
    1. Keep gabage in fy tight receptacles and have it remove& at least
twice reseed
    2. In removing manure from the stableM If Besibl, put it directly en
the "     to Thal to t  fleii3 If daily haolng is inoractiesk spreadiig
or thosem   a week will do much to keep down  e time.
    We uHixi a> be this, toet the manure to destroy the larva&  ThIs
 be done .t'lfE.V1thti  aorsE or  -nt powder. Both of these substtmm am
 effective and do not I*V-thie fertil1sin9g value of the manue.

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