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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Wilson, H. F.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 36: when "fly time" comes PDF (1.0 MB)

            Wheii "Fy Tii'e Comet
   Ilocent as they may seem, flies annusllY bring us untold wuferig, unbe-
lievable loss, and exact an exceedingly heavy tol of human life.
                        DO YOU KNOW
That the fly- is the filthiest creature on the face ot the earth?
That flies breed in filth, live on fith and distribute filth?
That flies distribute typhold fever, summer complaint and posibly
   -other common disease Including tubesVulOis?
That the flies you remove from the cream and syrup may have just
    come from the vault of your neighbor who Is sick with typhoid
    fever or tuberculosis?
That the fly on the baby's bread and- butter may have jst come from
    the spittoon or galbage can?
That fles caused the death of more American soldiers during the war
    with Spain than did Spanish bullets?
That you can prevent the fly with a little extra cost and effort?
                         "THE TYPHOID FLY'
   Thousands of people die each year in Wjiconsin of preventable diseaes.
All of us need to realize that fies play an irnvetant part in the productim
these needless deads.
   Flies frequently spread typhoid fever-6o often, In fact, that Dr, Howard,
the government entomologfst haS proposed the name "typhotd 11y"
fr the
common }e fly. The gemn of typhaid fever are so smell that they ae   be
carried "by the million" on a single fly.
    The privy vault is especially attractive toi the house ly. It a prlv
visited by a typhoid Patient, a typbid aOnvaleacent, or a tyoid 'carrier"
the germs of typhoid fever are almost sure to get onto the Sy and will be
rled by it to the various places visited. Thi may be the dinner tae, to walk
over Ohe brea, ce, sugar, or bbyws lips, or fanlInto the milk. Unwittingty
disease is spread wherever the fly goes.
    The fly may play an Important part In the distribution of other diseases,
such as dysentery, diarrhea of children (suibmer comSaintY and tuberculosis.
       WIERE DeO. FieS CORE FROM ANDB NOW CTw            Y Oan    ?
     Flies never entirely disapear although you may seldom or never see one
 during the witer months. They are aroun4     however, hld in cracks and
 crevices Waiting for fly tir*5 te- -oe -I With. the W    days of Spring.
 Only the females lwe through the winter, but as they -were fertilized by
 the males the previous tall, they are r nT Car o1 laying as soon as they
 a suitable subtnce where, upon latching from the eggs, the young larvae
 will be able to secure proper food. Il'e niatw~ls selected for egg laying
 deposi of fth and so llng as they coatin~ a certain aouuto( mosure the
 flies care not bow. 1lthy tMe mw may be.
     The eV !   'an, la. gstenlng white, and messure ahout onobft of an
  UkCh In leth-  u sh female may lay several hundred eda. I    ag them in
  . batches  d- W or     ffie time reqluired for theSe egp1 to  6  m-lli

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