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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Alexander, A. S.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 34: draft horses produce bank drafts PDF (854.4 KB)

Township and county
sociations can help in
breeding of horses of
same breed, chabacter
   After Jim had delivered the colt at
B's barn next day he banked his big
check and went whistling down the
street as the banker turned and said to
his cashier, "Now, there's a sensible,
successful business farmer!"
       Reader, are you a successful business farmer? And did the draft
    colt you raised last season add a substantial draft to your bank account
    or merely make a heavy draft on your feed bin?
       Well developed, sound, high grade draft horses are needed on every
    farm and are in demand at remunerative prices for work in the woods
    and in the cities. The supply of such horses has never equaled the
    demand and the demand promises to be more active than ever at the
    end of the war. Misfit, mongrel and nondescript horses, largely the
    get of grade and scrub stallions, from unsuitable or unsound mares,
    are, always have been, and will remain "a drug on the market."
    land is rapidly increasing in value. Feed is high in price and farm
    help scarce and expensive. It does not pay to produce anything but
    the best products possible on our farms.
        The good high grade draft horse costs no more than the scrub to
     raise, does as much work, is in active demand and sells for much more
     money. Why waste time, feed and money in producing scrub horses
     from grade and scrub sires? Stop such foolish and ruinous practice
     this spring. Choose only sound, good tempered, well developed mares
     for breeding and mate them only with sound, individually excellent
     pure bred stallions that are kept efficient and prepotent by adequate
*     work or exercise instead of pampering.
   Encourage repreetavive exhibits at the county fairs, of
pure bred stallions and mares and grade mares, geldings, farm
teems, and young stock by pure bred dres. Discurage the
offering of latses and premiums for grade and mongrel or
scrub stalions or their progeny.

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