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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Mortimer, G. B.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 32: how to secure seed grain PDF (904.3 KB)

        How to Secure Seed Grains
           Wisconsin Grown Seeds are the Best for Wisconsin.
    The quality of seed grains determines to a large extent what the yields
- will be. Wisconsin has a climate that is exceedingly well adapted to seed
production of the highest quality. Wisconsin has an enviable reputation
as a seed producing state as the numerous calls for Wisconsin grown seed
from all sections of the country Indicate. It has taken years of breeding
to develop the best varieties of grains and corn for certain localities,
now that these have been shown to be superior to other varieties,-Wis-
consin Grown Seed Grains and Corn-should be the motto. There is
none better.
               Improved Varieties of Wisconsin Grains.
   Use the Wisconsin Improved varieties. They are the best ylel]era.
In years of competition with other varieties they have not only won out
in yield but they excel as well In quality. Th-y have been bred for
Wisconsin conditions.
Quality in Seed Grains Means:-
     Well matured seeds.
     One hundred per cent pure.
     A bright, live color.
     Freedom from disease, insect and mechanical Injury.
     A high weight per bushel.
     Freedom from dirt of all kinds.
     Freedom from weed seeds.
     Seeds well graded.
     Seeds not more than two years old.
     A sweet grain odor.
     A strong and high percentage of germination.

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