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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

White, F. M.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 31: why carry water? PDF (927.6 KB)

             Why Carry Water?
    Running a house is no snap. Let's take the drudgery out of house-
work and the blue out of Monday. "Toting" water requires strength
                     time. The woman who can turn a tap in her kitchen
When it takes time, just where the water is needed is relieved of carrying
strength and money. more than a ton of water a week. Almost any farm-
                     er's daughter can hear the call of the city when she
sees this life of drudgery before her. Relieve this load with machinery at
little expense.
    We quickly adopt machinery for saving labor on the farm, but when it
comes to making home life easier for the woman and more pleasant for all
the family, we too often consider machinery in the home a luxury when it
really is a necessity. Let's take a few minutes off and think about this.
Think of the convenience of water in the kitchen, no water to lift and no
water to pump. This is a step in the right direction in making farm life
attractive to the children. Water is one of the absolute necessities of life.
Is It where we want it?
     Unfortunately, the source of supply is often such that some form of
water distributing system is necessary. Wells are usually located for the
                         convenience of the men, near the barn. We object
 When a windmill or gas to pumping water for our stock and so provide a
 engine wvil do the job.  gas engine or windmill to save ourselves time and
                          labor. Why not make this same gas engine or
 windmill furnish the power for pumping every drop of water used for the
     The cost of installing a water supply system may not be as expensive
 as we often think. You could install your own system. There are three
 methods of distributing water: (1) the elevated- tank system, (2) the air
 and water pressure system, and (3) the fresh water direct from the well.
 Before installing any system the amount of water required should be figurefl
 accurately knowing that you ought to supply daily-
                          25 gallons per person.
 When it won't worry a  1o gallons per horse.
 gas engine or windmill  10 gallons per cow.
 to deliver any amount!  2 gallons per hog.
                           2 gallons per sheep.

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