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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Milward, J. G.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 27: sort Wisconsin potatoes to obtain best prices PDF (895.8 KB)

Iq "Wisconsin is one
of the four great
potato producing
states of the Union.
Potatoes are grown
on nine out of ten
farms in the state."
  Weight. Stock running over
twelve ounces is undesirable and not
over five per cent of this maximum
weight should be allowed in first-
class shipments.
   Quality. Stock should be practi-
cally free from serious external im-
perfections including late blight rot.
common scab, sun burn, frost injury.
bruises, knobbiness, second growth.
etc. Stock should be mature and
   Varietal  purity.   Commercial
potato shipments should be graded to
one variety.
   Commercial potato growing in Wisconsin is not on a speculative
basis. The industry is inter-related with a permanent system of farm-
ing by men who have investments in homes. For the reason that all
natural conditions are favorable for the development of the industry
Wisconsin always will be a great potato-producing state.
   Potato shipping interests maintain that competition is extremely
keen now-between potato-growing sections of this country. Wisconsin
can meet this competition and reach out into new territory only through
establishing a reputation for the continuous supply of well graded stoek.
To Readers of this Bulletin:
   With this October "bulletin" the Wisconsin Bankers' Association
completes its Second Year's circulation of these Monthly Agricultural
Bulletins. The information contained is furnished by men who are
recognized as AUTHORITY upon the various subjects and the Bulle-
tins are circulated by the various Banks of Wisconsin in order that
the Farmers of our State may have the benefit of RELIABLE INFOR-
MATION concerning various phases of Agricultural Development from
which the "Earning Capacity" of every Wisconsin Farm may be
brought to its highest stage. We are confident the readers of these
Bulletins have been benefitted by them, and if you DESIRE TO
request to YOUR LOCAL BANKER will undoubtedly secure them for
you. If your banker does not distribute them, a postal to Geo. D.
Bartlett, Secy. Wisconsin Bankers' Association, Milwaukee, will place
your name upon the Association's mailing list and secure you copies
of future "bulletins" each month.
    This is one effort made by the Bankers of Wisconsin toward the
further development of Wisconsin as an Agricultural and Dairy State.

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