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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Milward, J. G.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 27: sort Wisconsin potatoes to obtain best prices PDF (895.8 KB)

Sort Wisconsin Potatoes to
      Obtain Best Prices
4I By establishing a
reputation for a con-
tinuous supply of
well graded stock
Wisconsin can suc-
cessfully compete
in the largest and
best potato markets
of the country.
  The potato must be graded and
sorted if it is to present the best
appearance and the grower get the
highest prices. All the inferior stock
should be thrown out and the best
potatoes given a chance to make an
attractive showing.
   Representative Wisconsin potato
growers, shippers, and transporta-
tion companies, or their agents,, are
now co-operating to improve the sort-
ing done at loading stations. Care-
less or otherwise improper sorting
has been especially conspicuous
recently, and has resulted in losses
from dry rot, common scab, under-
sized and coarse green stock, and
mixed varieties.
  Late potato blight is prevalent again throughout the middle west
and eastern Atlantic states. The disease varies in its severity in Wis-
consin and some of the sandy loam areas are comparatively free from
blight. These sections should be able, if the sorting is carefully done.
to furnish shipments practically free from rot.
   When potato blight destroys the vines dry rot, especially in wet
weather, attacks the tubers in the hills. At digging time the soft rotten
spots may be so small as to escape detection.
    Four Enemies of the Potato Growers' Profits
Mixed varieties
         Scabby and rotten tubers
                       Green and dirty stock
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