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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Mortimer, G. B.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 25: proper care of seed vs. feed grain PDF (1015.5 KB)

Proper Care of Seed vs. Feed Grain
           "By Their Fruits Ye ShaMl Know Them."
   In raising live stock most of us use only the very best founda-
tion stock.
   It is equally important to use only the best and most produc-
tive seed in the raising of grain and other crops.
   1. Maturity.-Although seeds will germinate when
not fully mature, the plants are weaker than those from
fully matured seeds.
   2. Size.-Large and heavy seeds have greater ger-
minating power and produce plants with more vigor
than small light seeds.
   3. Methods of Curing and Preserving.-Seeds cured
and stored in a moist atmosphere lose their strength
quite rapidly. Seeds should lie stored in dry, cooL
   4. Parentage.-Seed grains should come from
plants which have a known pedigree. "Run out"
strains produce seed of low vitality.
   5. Storage.-Seed grains need to be stored in dry,
cool places that are mouse and rat proof.
   What is the best foundation stock?-The best grains of any
variety for seed purposes are those which give the largest yields
of good quality. The Wisconsin pedigree varieties of seed grains
and corn are the best for seed purposes because-
   (1) They have been bred from the very best stock.
   (2) They yield better than scrub varieties.
   (3) They stand up better in the field.
   (4) They germinate evenly.
   (5) They mature and ripen uniformly.
   (6) They are in greater demand.
   Do you raise your own seed grains?-Most of our grains have
been known in the wild state within the written history of man.
Through selection and cultivation they have been made different
and more valuable. It is natural to expect then that they should
be grown under nearly the same conditions as those under which
they were improved. Plants like animals become acclimated to
certain soil and climatic conditions. There is no truth in the old
saying "Crops run out," providing proper attention has been paid
to the selection and care of the seeds. Home grown seeds of the
pedigree varieties are the best. You know exactly what kind of
seeds you have, under what conditions they have been cured and
stored and their age when using home grown seed.
    Do you keep your seed grains pure?-It matters little when

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