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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Stone, A. L.; Lunz, Henry
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 20: law governing seed inspection in Wisconsin PDF (983.9 KB)

    Must farmers have seeds tested Ad labeled? Many farmers have
thought that they were exempt under the law and could sell to their neigh-
bors for seeding purposes without test. This, however, is not the case.
A farmer may sell seeds to a dealer or wholesaler without testing them if
such seeds are to be stored or recleaned, but when he sells to a farmer for
seeding purposes he becomes a dealer and so comes under the provisions
of the law.
    What is good seed? To insure the purchase of good seed always
examine the samples carefully before buying. Good seed should appear even
in size, plump and bright in color. Read the label to find dealer's guaranty
as to purity, germination, weed seed content, and locality where grown.
Select seed that has a high purity and germination test. Shun those con-
taining noxious weeds.
    Where are the best seeds grown? All over the United States and
Canada, Wisconsin has an eviable reputation as a seed growing state.
From every state in the Union there comes a call for Wisconsin grown seed.
We have the right climate for seed production and where possible, seeds
should be selected that are grown in the locality where they are to be sown.
This is especially true of corn and small grains.
     Should new varieties be tried out? Certain strains and varieties are
especially adapted' to Wisconsin conditions. In many cases it has taken
years of breeding and selection to ue-
velop these varieties. Select standard
varieties that have stood the test and
that have proven to be adapted to our
soils and climate.
    Where can reliable seeds be pur-
chased? The question often arises as
to where seeds should be purchased.
Buy from established, reliable firms.
Unless the seed can be personally ex-
amined always buy on approval. Insist
that the seed be labeled and that the
dealer give a reasonable length of time
to get seed tested after its arrival, for
which ten days is usually sufficient.
Beware of traveling agents who promise           A GOOD STAILT.
impossible yields of some high sound-   This sample of "Grown In Wisconsin"
iag variety of grass or grain. For too seed oats contained nothing but dean.
                                        plump grain. The purpose of only
often after the agent leaves to return such seed is one of the best forms
no more the farmer finds himself in crop Insurance.
possession of a few bushels of very ordinary seed sold under a fancy name
at an exorbitant price, and the bank or a seed company is in possession of
a promissory note that he has signed. With few exceptions, the best seeds
for the Wisconsin farmer are raised and sold in our own state.
    Where can seeds be tested? A seed inspection laboratory is maintained
'It the Experiment Station for the benefit of farmers and seed dealers. The
Federal Government also maintains several seed testing laboratories in
different parts of the United States.  Many seed houses have private labora-
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