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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Oosterhuis, A. C.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 15: how to get milk and money makers PDF (1006.7 KB)

dairy temperament. Look for a masculine but well edfined head, a strong
crest and fairly sharp shoulders. He should have great depth and breadth
of chest, a strong straight top line supporting a deep and long barrel.
    The only entirely satisfactory system, however, of judging a sire is
by his offspring. Many sires have been sent to the block which should
                   have heen kpnt
Judge a Sire by  The true value of
His Offspring   a sire can not be
                   determihed until
he is four or five years old, or until
his offspring begins to produce.
When the sire is found to be filling
the qualifications of breeding, type,
and best of all, producing improved
offspring, he should be continued in
awlrm.ev as om as~ nossible.* ..--
breeding oftentimes can be avoided   TIlE BETTER HALF OF THE HERD.
by exchanging service of sires with a
neighbor.)  By keeping year after      It is not best to use n sire unless
              calvs frm  a  rove  sir, a know that his dams. grand-dams.
year calves from  a proven sire          p a  if possible. grent-granuddans
were good
herd is soon established carrying at  milk and butter fat producers. To know
least 50 per cent of his blood and   that he is properly registered Is not
having uniformity not only in high   s enough. There are many registered
production but also in type.           sires which are no better than scrubs.
    A liberal supply of good feed is also absolutely necessary to success-
                                      ful dairying.   Approximately the
Well Summered is Half Wintered       first 50 per cent of what a cow
Well Wintered is Half Summered       should be fed is used in keeping up
                                      her body activities. To feed only
this amount would be a total loss of feed so far as production is con-
cerned.  it can generally ue zoo
that with a real good dairy cow the
more she can consume over and
above her maintenance ration the
more profitable she will be.  To
make the most palatable ration it
should have considerable variety and
bulk and contain much succulent
feed. Corn silage has become almost
indispensable in supplying succelence,
thus making a silo pay for itself in
one season. Roots and soiling crops
may be seasonable substitutes but
are more expensive.  Grow alfalfa
and clover hays for the dairy herd.
Feed these in such amounts as the
cows will clean up well.
     For the concentrates or grain
rations try one of the following com-
                     binations  i n
Try One of These     c o m p a r i son  HOW MUCH IS SKIM MILK WORTH?
On Your Herd         with your pres-     One hundred pounds of skim milk,
                     e nt    practice  by-product of the dairy. has a feeding
                                       value equal to one-half of a bushel
and feed from j to i as many pounds    corn. Many a manufacturer han greatly
                                       increased hIs profits by making econo-
of grain per day as the cow produces     mic use of the by-products and even
                                       waste of his business. Why shouldn't
pouitds of milk.                       we?

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