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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Moore, R. A.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 14: how to get good seed corn PDF (993.6 KB)

small hanging device may be used for the holding of the corn. A
                      simple and practical method is to tie the ears so
dimple Methods of  that they are a safe distance apart for drying
Curing Small Lots.  as shown in Figure 2. Another device is to use
                      double cord, placing ears between them so that
they can be held securely and hung on a nail or hook by the loop.
    Small movable racks shown in Figure 2 hold sufficient corn to
plant five or six acres and can be placed in
is well dried.  Another device is the
" corn tree" shown in Figure 3. This
device can be placed in a doorway or win-
dow where there is a strong current of air
to carry off the moisture. Such a tree six
feet high will hold enough corn to plant
15 acres.
    Boards may be fastened together in
panels 3'x6' and finishing nails driven in
on both sides at the proper distance apart
so that the ears of corn when placed on
the nails will not touch. By having the
panels fastened about two feet apart at
top and bottom a large quantity of corn
can be stored in a convenient way to let
the air circulate freely through it.
    A well ventilated attic which has a
chimney passing through it and is located
                      directly o v e r a
Where to Cure and heated room so that
Store Seed Corn,    it can be kept at a
                      fairry uniform tem-
perature through the winter is an exceed-
ingly good place in which to cure corn.
The attic is often the driest room in the
house and if in the early fall the corn is
stored here on racks or hanging devices
;t will pnrp out exceptionally well. If a
large quantity of corn is to be dried with- FIGURE 3. THE CORN TREE.
                                             This device shown here will
in the attic it will be necessary to set up hold sufficient corn to plant
a small stove to cure it in the best manner. acres on the check Xow system.
           a                               ~~~~~~~~~A smoothpols81feetlong~
    During the early fall corn may be and eight inches in diameter is
                                           fittede with a base to bold it
cured very nicely underneath the roof of right. Rows of long. headless
                                           finishing nails are driven Into
the corn crib.  It should be hung where post 2     to 3 inches apart The
there is a good circulation of air through ears       corn are thrust u
                                           these nails and stand apart for11
the crib. After corn has hung under the curing.
roof of the corn crib for four or five weeks it can be taken out and put
into the attic or other dry room to be kept through the winter.
    For curing large quantities of corn, a special building for kiln
                      drying should be erected. Plans for the saime
Curing Large Lots.    may be obtained free of charge from        the Agri-
                      cultural Experiment Station, University of Wis-

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