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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Milward, J. G.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 11: plant profit producing potatoes PDF (900.6 KB)

    (1) Select seed carefully in accordance with trueness to type
and market demands.
    (2) Maintain fertility 'by growing legumes; i. e., clovers,
alfalfa, soy beans, etc.
    (3) Rotate crop regularly with intelligent use of manures.
    (4) Cultivate intensively.
    (5) Restrict acreage in accordance with ability to maintain
fertility by above methods.
   (6) Control insect and disease pests.
   Improved quality in potatoes means medium sized. stock-
                   uniform in size, shape and color -bright,
Results:-          clean, smooth-free from checks and cracks
Improved Quality, -ripe. These are terms which- deseribe de-
Greater Demand,  sirable exterior appearances in seed, and com-
Better Profit.    mercial table stock. The tubers should be
                   firm - free from hollow centers - flesh not
soggy, watery, or streaked. All these ternis indicate a standard
of quality, and all are determined by inspection.
   Greater demand results from improving the quality, standard-
izing the varieties, and marketing tubers in carload lots.
   Better profits will be returned to Wisconsin farmers, as the
result of high prices which are sure to come as soon as this state
becomes a reliable production center for larger lots of choice
   Effective community work and state leadership will bring
about all these results. It will standardize the quality, increase
the shipments and prepare the industry to meet the problems of
competition and development necessary to maintain a reputation
for high standards.
(Subject for July Bulletin. "Silos and Silage.)

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